Academic Publications

The health and wellbeing of Indigenous adolescents: a global collective for an equitable and sustainable future


Trends and disparities in suicidality among heterosexual and sexual minority/Two Spirit Indigenous adolescents in Canada.


Promoting cardiovascular nursing practice and research: A model for a university joint appointment


Romantic love and involvement in bullying and cyberbullying in 15-year-old adolescents from eight European countries and regions


First time sexual experiences of sexual minority adolescent girls in the United States


Experiences of discrimination or violence and health outcomes among Black, Indigenous and People of Colour trans and/or nonbinary youth


Priority indicators for adolescent health measurement – recommendations from the Global Action for Measurement of Adolescent Health (GAMA) advisory group.


Youth characteristics associated with sexual violence perpetration among transgender boys and girls, cisgender boys and girls, and non-binary youth.


Comparing Factors Shaping Sexual Violence Perpetration for Sexual and Gender Minority Youth and Cisgender Heterosexual Youth


Results of a Global Survey of Experts to Categorize the Suitability of Interventions for Inclusion in School Health Services


Role models and well-being among trans and non-binary youth


Identifying trans and non-binary youth in population-based school health surveys in Western Canada


“They talked completely about straight couples only”: How schools contribute to sexual violence among sexual and gender minority youth


Challenging the Stereotypes: Unexpected Features of Sexual Exploitation among Homeless and Street-Involved Boys in Western Canada


Fifteen-year trends in self-reported racism and link with health and well-being of African Canadian adolescents: a secondary data analysis


An mHealth Intervention for Pregnancy Prevention for LGB Teens: An RCT


The link between LGBTQ-supportive communities, progressive political climate, and suicidality among sexual minority adolescents in Canada


Reasons Lesbian and Bisexual Adolescent Girls Have or Might Have Sex with Females or Males: Implications for Discordance between Sexual Identity and Behaviors and for Prevention of Pregnancy and STIs


Experiences of surgery readiness assessments in British Columbia


Clinical Issues among Chinese Gay Men in Counseling


LGBQ Youth’s Experiences of General and Bias-Based Bullying Victimization: The Buffering Role of Supportive School and Community Environments


Associations Between Community-Level LGBTQ-Supportive Factors and Substance Use Among Sexual Minority Adolescents


A National, Qualitative Study of Sexual Decision Making by Teenage Girls who are Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, or who have Another Nonheterosexual Identity


Hormone therapy decision-making processes: Transgender youth and parents


Supportive Community Resources Are Associated with Lower Risk of Substance Use among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Questioning Adolescents in Minnesota


Romantic Attraction and Substance Use in 15-Year-Old Adolescents from Eight European Countries


“The edge of harm and help”: ethical considerations in the care of transgender youth with complex family situations


The LGBTQ Supportive Environments Inventory: Methods for quantifying supportive environments for LGBTQ youths


“It makes such a difference”: A examination of how LGBTQ youth talk about personal gender pronouns across North America


Worsening Perceptions of Family Connectedness and Parent Support for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adolescents


The Links Between Sexual Abuse Severity, Running Away, and Parental Connectedness Among Youth at a Hospital-Based Child Advocacy Center


Risk and protective factors for transgender youths’ substance use


Investigating site-level longitudinal effects of population health interventions: Gay-Straight Alliances and school safety


Primary care access and foregone care: a survey of transgender adolescents and young adults


Substance Use among Sexual Minorities: Has it Actually Gotten Better?


Population-level sexual behaviours in adolescent girls before and after introduction of the human papillomavirus vaccine (2003–2013)


A Media-Based School Intervention to Reduce Sexual Orientation Prejudice and Its Relationship to Discrimination, Bullying, and the Mental Health of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Adolescents in Western Canada: A Population-Based Evaluation


Ten-Year Trends in Physical Dating Violence Victimization Among Adolescent Boys and Girls in British Columbia, Canada


Come Along With Me: Linking LGBTQ Youth To Supportive Resources


Trend Disparities in Emotional Distress and Suicidality Among Sexual Minority and Heterosexual Minnesota Adolescents From 1998 to 2010


Interventions that Foster Healing Among Sexually Exploited Children and Adolescents: A Systematic Review


Assessing the impacts and outcomes of youth driven mental health promotion: A mixed-methods assessment of the Social Networking Action for Resilience study


Why girls choose not to use barriers to prevent STI transmission during female-to-female sex


Non-binary youth: Access to gender-affirming primary health care


Love and Dating Patterns for Same‐ and Both‐Gender Attracted Adolescents Across Europe


Unhealthy weight control behaviors among youth: Sex of sexual partner is linked to important differences


Enacted Stigma, Mental Health, and Protective Factors Among Transgender Youth in Canada


Sexual minority youth continue to smoke cigarettes earlier and more often than heterosexuals: Findings from population-based data


Evidence of changing patterns in mental health and depressive symptoms for sexual minority adolescents


Disordered eating behaviors among transgender youth: Probability profiles from risk and protective factors


Mental Health Disparities Among Canadian Transgender Youth


Homeless & Street-Involved Indigenous LGBTQ2S Youth in British Columbia: Intersectionality, Challenges, Resilience & Cues for Action


Boys are not exempt: Sexual exploitation of adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa


Are we leveling the playing field? Trends and disparities in sports participation among sexual minority youth in Canada


“Kicked out”: LGBTQ youths’ bathroom experiences and preferences


“I would have preferred more options”: accounting for non-binary youth in health research


Helping Young People Stay Afloat: A Qualitative Study of Community Resources and Supports for LGBTQ Adolescents in the United States and Canada


Primary care access and foregone care: a survey of transgender adolescents and young adults


A systematic review of the state of the literature on sexually exploited boys internationally


Sexual behaviors and partner characteristics among lesbian, bisexual, and other sexual minority adolescent women compared to their heterosexual peers


“Dulling the edges”: Young men’s use of alcohol to deal with grief following the death of a male friend


Chapter 13. Substance Use – Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) in Canada: Focus on Relationships


Chapter 14. Sexual Health – Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) in Canada: Focus on Relationships


Chasing the rainbow: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer youth and pride semiotics


Reorienting risk to resilience: street-involved youth perspectives on preventing the transition to injection drug use


Ethnic identity and sexual initiation among East Asian youth in Canada


Divided and disconnected – an examination of young people’s experiences with emotional distress within the context of their everyday lives


Tobacco use among adolescents in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Assessing readiness for transition from paediatric to adult health care: Revision and psychometric evaluation of the “Am I ON TRAC for Adult Care”


Assessing exploitation experiences of adolescent girls and boys seen at a Child Advocacy Center


Adolescent reactions to icon-driven response modes in a tablet-based health screening tool


Improving the accuracy of Chlamydia trachomatis incidence rate estimates among adolescents in Canada


Living for the moment: Men consider risk practices following the death of a friend


“It’s just always been like that”: A deeper understanding of social context and adolescent bullying [abstract]


“That’s What I Wish I Could Talk to my Doctor About!”: Young People and Sexual Pleasure [abstract]


Beyond the stereotypes: Variation in sexual exploitation experiences of youth evaluated at a hospital-based child advocacy centre [abstract]


Concordance between youth and parents’ scores and responses on the Am I ON TRAC for Adult Care Questionnaire [abstract]


Trends in Disordered Eating by Sexual Orientation in Western Canada [abstract]


Physical activity comparisons among adolescents of Somali, other non-Hispanic Black and White race [abstract]


School-based strategies to reduce suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and discrimination among sexual minority and heterosexual adolescents in Western Canada


Enacted stigma and HIV risk behaviours among sexual minority indigenous youth in Canada, New Zealand, and the United States


Adolescent pregnancy among lesbian, gay, and bisexual teens


Weight-related teasing in the school environment: Associations with psychosocial health and weight control practices among adolescent boys and girls


Social Norms in the Development of Adolescent Substance Use: A Longitudinal Analysis of the International Youth Development Study


Multiple types of harassment: associations with emotional well-being and unhealthy behaviors in adolescents


Teenagers and texting: Use of a youth ecological momentary assessment system in trajectory health research with Latina adolescents


Indicators of victimization and sexual orientation among adolescents: Analyses from Youth Risk Behavior Surveys


Studying the playbook: Which pathways mediate relationships between sports team participation and health-risk behaviors among alternative high school students?


Guest speakers in school-based sexuality education


Relationships between sports team participation and health-risk behaviors among alternative high school students


Associations between sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and fast-food restaurant frequency among adolescents and their friends


Multiple perpetrator rape among girls evaluated at a hospital-based Child Advocacy Center: Seven years of reviewed cases


Mental health and suicidality among racially/ethnically diverse sexual minority youths


Mediation by peer violence victimization of sexual orientation disparities in cancer-related tobacco, alcohol, and sexual risk behaviors: Pooled Youth Risk Behavior Surveys


Sexual-orientation disparities in school: The mediational role of indicators of victimization in achievement and truancy because of feeling unsafe


Youth voices and knowledges: Slam poetry speaks to social policies


The success of gay–straight alliances in Waterloo Region, Ontario: A confluence of political and social factors


Buried above ground: A university-based study of prevalence and risk/protective factors for suicidality among sexual minority youth


Our right to choose: Religious conservatives versus LGBTQ-inclusive schools


Sexual-orientation disparities in substance use in emerging adults: A function of stress and attachment paradigms


Population-level evaluation of school-based interventions to prevent problem substance use among gay, lesbian and bisexual adolescents in Canada


Sexual health and risk behaviour among East Asian adolescents in British Columbia


Promoting positive mental health: risk and protective factors for youth who experienced physical and sexual abuse [abstract]


Substance Use and Sexual Orientation among East and Southeast Asian Adolescents in Canada


The relationship between sexual abuse and risky sexual behavior among adolescent boys: A meta-analysis


Enacted Stigma, Problem Substance Use, and Protective Factors among Asian Sexual Minority Youth in British Columbia


Reducing homophobia in high school: The effects of “The Laramie Project” play and an integrated curriculum [abstract]


Research on Adolescent Sexual Orientation: Development, Health Disparities, Stigma, and Resilience


Is cultural connectedness a protective factor? [abstract]


Restoring Healthy Developmental Trajectories for Sexually Exploited Young Runaway Girls: Fostering Protective Factors and Reducing Risk Behaviors


Reducing problem substance use in Asian sexual minority and heterosexual youth [abstract]


Factors associated with pregnancy and STI among Aboriginal students in British Columbia


Factors Associated With the Sexual Behavior of Canadian Aboriginal Young People and Their Implications for Health Promotion


Protective Factors in the Lives of Bisexual Adolescents in North America


Out Yonder: Sexual-Minority Adolescents in Rural Communities in British Columbia


Stigma management? The links between enacted stigma and teen pregnancy trends among gay, lesbian, and bisexual students in British Columbia