Promoting cardiovascular nursing practice and research: A model for a university joint appointment


Background: University joint appointments promote continuity of academic leadership and the acceleration of nurses’ impact on improved outcomes and health service delivery. The role of university-appointed and hospital-located nurse scientists is of growing interest in the academic and clinical settings, and within the nursing profession. There is a pressing need to describe and study models of appointments, responsibilities and contributions to strengthen the integration of this boundary-crossing role across the continuum of the nursing profession.

Aims and Objectives: We report on the implementation of the inaugural St. Paul’s Hospital and Heart & Stroke Professorship in Cardiovascular Nursing at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada.

Discussion: This model was based on recommendations provided by nursing to provincial government policy-makers, co-created and co-funded by academic and practice partners. Appointed by the university, the role is primarily located in the hospital, with the target of contributing 75% of time and focus on clinical research and leadership. The position is facilitated by its academic affiliation and the provision of university research and teaching infrastructure. In clinical practice, the role benefits from integration and visibility in the cardiac programme and leadership team, collaboration with advanced practice and multidisciplinary research groups, and access to office and human resources located on the clinical unit. Deliverables centre on achieving adjusted indicators of university performance to support academic promotion, and delivery of a practice-close research programme that prioritises improved patient outcomes, multidisciplinary practice and improved outcomes.

Relevance to Clinical Practice: The dual appointment aims to provide tangible benefits to both the university and the hospital that match each organisation’s needs; this requires sustained senior leadership engagement and support, and modification of conventional indicators of impact and success. Its ongoing evaluation will elucidate required modifications and future strategies required to strengthen nurses’ academic and clinical leadership.

Lauck, S. B., Thorne, S. E., Saewyc, E., Heppell, L., Black, A. T., & Virani, S. A. (2022). Promoting cardiovascular nursing practice and research: A model for a university joint appointment. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 31(3-4), 311-317.