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The health and wellbeing of Indigenous adolescents: a global collective for an equitable and sustainable future

Excerpt Indigenous peoples, comprising almost 500 million individuals from across 90 countries, hold the longest continuous cultures on this planet.1 Despite the negative impacts of colonisation, Indigenous peoples have survived and continue to nurture and live their Indigenous knowledges, languages, and cultural practices. Indigenous peoples have made substantial contributions to global health… Global Collective for […]

Trends and disparities in suicidality among heterosexual and sexual minority/Two Spirit Indigenous adolescents in Canada.

Abstract Purpose: To explore trends in sexual orientation group differences in suicidality among Indigenous adolescents and evaluate whether gaps between heterosexual and sexual minority/Two-Spirit adolescents have changed over time. Methods: Leveraging pooled school-based population data from five waves of the British Columbia Adolescent Health Survey (1998–2018), we used age-adjusted logistic regression models, separately for boys and […]

Promoting cardiovascular nursing practice and research: A model for a university joint appointment

Abstract Background: University joint appointments promote continuity of academic leadership and the acceleration of nurses’ impact on improved outcomes and health service delivery. The role of university-appointed and hospital-located nurse scientists is of growing interest in the academic and clinical settings, and within the nursing profession. There is a pressing need to describe and study models […]

Romantic love and involvement in bullying and cyberbullying in 15-year-old adolescents from eight European countries and regions

Abstract Sexual minority youth are at greater risk for bullying victimization than their heterosexual peers but data on perpetration and cybervictimization is limited. Using representative data from seven European countries and one region (N = 14,545), this study compared traditional bullying victimization and perpetration, and cyberbullying victimization among 15-year-old adolescents who reported ever being in love with […]

First time sexual experiences of sexual minority adolescent girls in the United States

Abstract Cisgender sexual minority girls report an earlier average age at first sex than cisgender heterosexual girls, but little is known about these first experiences with sex. As part of a larger study to develop a sexual health intervention for cisgender sexual minority girls, this analysis explored the context of first sexual experiences of 48 […]

Experiences of discrimination or violence and health outcomes among Black, Indigenous and People of Colour trans and/or nonbinary youth

Abstract Aims: Identify the relationship between experiences of discrimination or violence and health outcomes for transgender and nonbinary Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) compared to their white trans and nonbinary peers. Design: A national online survey, the 2019 Canadian Trans and Nonbinary Youth Health Survey, was conducted among youth ages 14-25, in English and French. […]