Research Opportunity: We want to hear from parents of LGBTQ2S+ youth

We want to learn about what it’s like for youth who have come out (or haven’t yet) to their parents and/or caregivers. That means talking to parents too. Would you like to share your experience? Sign up today for a focus group or an interview with our team.

Are you:

✓ Currently living in Canada for at least one year? (including born in Canada or internationally)
✓ The parent of a youth who is:
⚬ Two Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, pansexual, trans or non-binary?
⚬ Age 15 to 25? (up to age 30 for South Asian parents)?
⚬ Has lived in Canada for at least one year?

Then please get in touch. Survey link

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc