Evaluation of North Shore Public Health Nurses’ Child and Youth School-Linked Practice


As a means to improve youth health, the BC Government introduced the Healthy Schools Strategy, based on a comprehensive school health framework. In Vancouver Coastal Health, the North Shore Public Health Nursing Child & Youth Team developed plans to provide school nursing in all 12 public high schools in West Vancouver and North Vancouver (School Districts 44 & 45). Nursing interventions were grounded in the PHN Wheel of Interventions.

At the PHN (public health nursing) team’s request, Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc provided in-service training on applying the PHN Wheel of Intervention to public health nursing care of adolescents (with particular attention to school settings) in June 2012. This evaluation documented the types and perceived effectiveness of PHN interventions delivered to youth and school communities in the public secondary schools on the North Shore. We used a mixed methods approach, which involved documents review, in-school observations, tracking PHN interventions, and semi-structured interviews with both PHNs and school staff. The PHNs also documented all school-based interventions and activities from September 2012 to June 2013 using a tracking tool they had developed.

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Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc

Co-Investigators: Jennifer Roy and Sue Foster

Funded in part by CIHR-PHAC (Research Chair Applied Public Health Research) under the grant, “Building Capacity for Population-Level Monitoring & Interventions for Healthy Youth”, 2008-2013