Job opening for Post-Doctoral Fellowship

POST-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIP AT THE STIGMA AND RESILIENCE AMONG VULNERABLE YOUTH CENTRE The University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing (Vancouver, Canada) invites applications for a two-year term position, 1.0 FTE ($60,000 per year) at the rank of Post- Doctoral Fellow. The position can be extended for an additional year by mutual consent. The successful applicant, […]

Post-Doctoral Fellowship for research related to Indigenous two spirit youth

Position Title: Postdoctoral Fellow, Stigma and Resilience among Vulnerable Youth Centre The University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing (Vancouver, Canada) invites applications for a one-year term position, 0.75 FTE at the rank of Post-Doctoral Fellow. The position is for one year and can be extended for an additional year by mutual consent. Salary will […]

Frohard-Dourlent, H, Dobson S, Clark B, Doull M, Saewyc E. “I would have preferred more options”: accounting for non-binary youth in health research. Nursing Inquiry. 24 (2017): 1-9.

As a research team focused on vulnerable youth, we increasingly need to find ways to acknowledge non-binary genders in health research. Youth have become more vocal about expanding notions of gender beyond traditional categories of boy/man and girl/woman. Integrating non-binary identities into established research processes is a complex undertaking in a culture that often assumes […]

Seeking Interview Participants About Gender Affirming Surgery Experiences in BC


Wolowic, Jennifer, Heston, Laura, Saewyc, Elizabeth, Porta, Carolyn, and Eisenberg, Marla. “Embracing the Rainbow: LGBTQ Youth Navigating “Safe” Spaces and Belonging in North America. “ Journal of Adolescent Health 58(2016): S1. Print.

Purpose While rainbows and safe space stickers have been a part of health care and school interventions promoting LGBTQ youth health and well-being, little research has been published describing how youth perceive and use the symbol. As part of a larger study on LGBTQ youth wellness, we explored youth perceptions of the rainbow and other symbols […]

SARAVYC Research Symposium-April 25

Our interdisciplinary team will be sharing quantitative and qualitative outcomes from long term trends analysis as well as more recent qualitative insights into LGBTQ youth environments and schools. Please RSVP to jwolowic@mail.ubc.ca.  Light refreshments will be served. April 25, 2016 1-3:30pm Room T206 3rd Floor, UBC Hospital   Presentations include: Disordered Eating among Massachusetts Heterosexual […]

Join Us for An Exciting Discussion

Join Us for An Exciting Discussion

The Maltreatment and Adolescent Pathways Project: Findings on Risks and Resilience Please join us for a discussion on issues in service and provisions for youth with multiple forms of maltreatment histories and how to support their development and resilience. Dr. Christine Wekerle will share findings from a study that followed adolescents over 2-3 years as they received […]

Rosario, M et al. 2014. Sexual-orientation disparities in substance use in emerging adults: A function of stress and attachment paradigms. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, Vol 28(3) 790-804

More lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) youths than heterosexuals report substance use. We examined a theoretical model to understand these disparities in lifetime and past-year substance use by means of stress and attachment paradigms, using the longitudinal Growing Up Today Study (GUTS) and Nurses’ Health Study II (NHSII). GUTS participants are the children of participants […]

Understanding Health Risks and Promoting Resilience in Male Youth with Sexual Violence Experience

In 2015, SARAVYC will join a team of researchers seeking to increase health knowledge about and improve services for male youth who have experienced sexual violence.The CIHR funded grant, led by Principal Investigator Christine Wekerle of McMaster University, will target Aboriginal youth health (mental health resilience) as well as the engagement of youths’ in violence prevention. The research will also […]

Project RESPEQT (Researching Research and Education on Supportive and Protective Environments for Queer Teens)

Project RESPEQT (Researching Research and Education on Supportive and Protective Environments for Queer Teens)

SARAVYC is participating in an NIH (RO1) funded grant to explore Multilevel Protective Factors for LGB youth in North America led by the University of Minnesota. In British Columbia, research members from SARAVYC under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc will be interviewing a total of 20 youth from urban, rural and suburban communities. As part of the interviews, […]

Canadian Transgender Youth Health Survey

Canadian Transgender Youth Health Survey

Between October 2013 and May 2014 we conducted a national health survey for Canadian youth who identify as trans* or genderqueer, and are between the ages of 14 – 25. The survey asked about a wide range of health issues—home and family, nutrition, exercise, alcohol and tobacco use, access to health care—the same questions asked in general […]

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