Farinaz Havaei

Farinaz Havaei PhD

Former Postdoctoral fellow

Farinaz Havaei (Naz) is a graduate of UBC School of Nursing PhD program. Her dissertation research was focused on examining the effect of models of nursing care delivery and skill mix on quality of nursing care and patient outcomes. She was a previous Rick Hansen fellow, and her dissertation research received the outstanding dissertation award. Naz has been a co-investigator on various research projects at the national and international level. She has been the primary investigator of two research studies funded by Canadian Patient Safety Institute and Collaborative Alliances of Nursing Outcomes. In addition to her doctorate, Naz obtained a specialization in Measurement, Evaluation, Research Methodology (MERM) from UBC School of Educational Psychology. She recently published a paper on examining the psychometric properties of a commonly used nursing work environment measure using Item Response Theory methods. Naz’s main research interest is around improving quality of health care delivery for various Canadian populations including vulnerable youth and adolescents.