Volunteer Opportunity: Two Spirit Peer Support Mentor

Commitment: Flexible for various roles. Mentorship roles would need to be available for approximately 2 hours per week.

We’re on the lookout for volunteer Two Spirit Peer Support Mentors to help manage our Slack peer support workspace. As a volunteer you will be responsible for monitoring and engaging in the Slack space to help grow and nurture a safe space for our Two Spirit friends to support each other.

✓ Are you well-versed in anti-racist and decolonial advocacy?

✓ Do you have strong community facilitation skills?

Then please apply by filling out this form.

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About the Peer Support Network

The Peer Support Network was created by SARAVYC to provide a safe space for queer and Two Spirit (2S) Indigenous youth as they share their stories through the #Witness2S campaign. It’s monitored by a group of volunteers who engage in the network and help members manage the space as a community.

Send an email to Seren Friskie at saravyc@nursing.ubc.ca to request to join the network.