Volunteer Opportunity: Two Spirit Ally Support Team

Commitment: 5 hours per week

We’re on the lookout for volunteers to help monitor our Two Spirit Ally Support Team (AST) Facebook group and support our queer and Two Spirit (2S) Indigenous friends by responding to negative, hateful, and problematic comments they may experience while sharing their stories through the #Witness2S campaign.

✓ Are you well-versed in anti-racist and decolonial advocacy?

✓ Do you have strong persuasive writing skills?

✓ Are you able to support folx in online spaces in a positive light?

Then please apply by filling out this form.

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About the AST

The AST was created by SARAVYC to support queer and 2S Indigenous youth as they share their stories through the #Witness2S campaign. It is managed by a group of volunteers who are available to educate and call in any negative, hateful, or problematic comments Indigiqueer youth may experience. When people notice or experience such behaviours, they tag us or send us a message and one of our volunteers responds to mitigate the issue.

Visit the group here.