Guys And Grief: Young Mens’ Responses To Accidental Death Of a Peer


Young men are at higher risk of injury and death than young women, and certain groups of young men are at higher risk that other young men. Within these high risk groups, little was known about how they react to the death of a friend, as well as how this event may or may not affect their own actions or ideas about risky activities. This research sought to identify the positive ways that men respond and how interventions may help men avoid responses to a friend’s death that increase risk of injury or fatality.


Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc

Co-Investigators: Dr. John Oliffe, Dr. Shauna Butterwick, Dr. Gen Creighton, Jennifer Matthews, and Eva MacMillan

Funded by a CIHR Operating Grant (Institute of Gender and Health Seed Grant: Boys and Men’s Health) “Young Men’s Responses to the Accidental Death of a Friend”, 2010-12