Yeshvi Mehta

Yeshvi Mahta, a South Asian person with long highlighted blond and brown hair smiling at the camera with an array of windows behind her.

Yeshvi Mehta, BSc

Research Assistant


Yeshvi Mehta (she/her) holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Integrated Sciences with a focus on Global Health & Physiology from the University of British Columbia. With a deep-rooted passion for community health and research, Yeshvi’s professional journey spans diverse experiences in clinical research, project management, and community engagement within the healthcare sector.

Yeshvi’s commitment to inclusive healthcare goes beyond her professional endeavors; she actively co-founded BollyFusion, fostering inclusivity and cultural engagement through dance classes and vibrant community initiatives. Yeshvi also enjoys volunteering, exploring diverse cultures through food, and participating in activities that promote well-being.