In This toGether: #TranscendentHealth – Adapting an LGB+ inclusive teen pregnancy prevention program for transgender boys

The project will adapt Girl2Girl (a text messaging-based teen prevention pregnancy program (TPP) program designed for cisgender sexual minority girls) to create #TranscendentHealth, a gender inclusive TPP for transgender boys. The adaptation will build upon our prior success of Girl2Girl by updating the content so that it addresses the important social and structural influences of the sexual behavior of gender-diverse youth, including significant social stressors, discrimination, and rejection. Acknowledging the importance of primary (universal) prevention, both sexually experienced and inexperienced youth will be included.

Specifically, the project aims to:

Aim 1: With ongoing feedback from transgender boys, adapt Girl2Girl for gender inclusivity
Aim 2: Test the resulting adaptation, named #TranscendentHealth, in a national RCT of trans boys 14-18 years of age.

Principal Investigators: Dr. Michelle Ybarra, Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc