Trans, Nonbinary and Two Spirit Young People’s Experiences of Government Care and Health Services in BC

In 2021, the Representative for Children and Youth in British Columbia contracted SARAVYC to undertake a series of studies using data from the BC Adolescent Health Survey and the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey to understand the experiences of gender minority youth in government care and accessing health services. For the project, SARAVYC undertook four interrelated literature reviews, data analyses of BCAHS (2018) and CTYHS (2014 & 2019), and interviewed former and current gender minority youth with experiences in government care and health services in the province.

Completed in 2023, SARAVYC’s report was published as part of the Representative for Children and Youth Jennifer Charlesworth’s report The Right to Thrive: An Urgent Call to Recognize, Respect and Nurture Two Spirit, Trans, Non-Binary and other Gender Diverse Children and YouthIn Representative Charlesworth’s own words, “Let’s be clear: young people have the right to be who they are and to thrive…The hate speech and anti-trans legislative efforts we have seen recently in Canada and the United States is alarming and is causing great harm. As you will read in the report, the negative impacts of this on 2STNBGD children and youth are enormous, and they are paying the price in increased critical injuries and suicidality. I’m calling on the government and ministries to work together and make this a priority.”

Critically, The Right to Thrive outlines multiple urgent steps needed to ensure the safety and well-being of gender diverse youth in British Columbia. You can also find the recommendations SARAVYC compiled through our research in our section of the report.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc

Managing Director: Dr. Monica Rana

Research Team: 
James Sinclair, Research Assistant, SARAVYC
Seren Friskie, Research Assistant, SARAVYC

Funded by: Representative for Children & Youth, British Columbia