Captaining Inclusion in BC Rugby

The aim of this study is to pilot test the effect of a short, discussion-led social cognitive intervention on homophobic language use, descriptive norms, injunctive norms, and attitudes towards using homophobic language. The intervention will be delivered by professional rugby union players to teenage rugby union teams.

British Columbia Rugby (BC Rugby) wants to challenge the use of homophobic language in Rugby and will be initiating the intervention, in which the selected team members (ambassadors) from the BC Rugby teams will be trained to challenge homophobia in their team culture. The current study will be a pilot study to explore the effect of the intervention using surveys and qualitative focus groups. We will be specifically observing the intervention, providing support to ambassadors, and examining the effect of the intervention to help BC Rugby to scale this intervention to all the clubs in the future.

Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc

Co-Investigators: Annie Smith, McCreary Centre Society, Executive Director; Dr. Richard Pringle, Monash University

Research Team:
Shannon Millar, Project Coordinator, SARAVYC
Shams Al-anzi, Research Assistant, SARAVYC
Emily Gee, Research Assistant, SARAVYC
Katie Horton, Research Assistant, McCreary Centre Society
Dr. Erik Denison, Postdoctoral Fellow, Monash University

Funded by: CIHR (Foundation Scheme) “Improving health equity for LGBTQ youth in Canada and globally: addressing the role of families and culture”

Partnering with BC Rugby