Kyoung Hwa Joung

Kyoung Hwa Joung, PhD, RN, APN

Professor, Department of Nursing, Jeonju University

Kyoung Hwa Joung is a Ph.D. at the Yonsei University School of Nursing.  

Dr. Kyoung Hwa Joung is a registered nurse and advanced pediatric nurse practitioner in South Korea. Since 2012, she has been a professor of nursing in Jeonju University in South Korea and has contributed to the advancement of nursing in baccalaureate and postgraduate nursing programs.

She has presented and published about 36 research papers based on quantitative and qualitative research of South Korean and other national datasets on various topics regarding stress, quality of life, and growth and development across all lifespans including premature infants to adolescents, women and mothers, and seniors. She has a special interest in adolescents’ substance use, depression, and suicidal ideation.

Kyoung has been an intermittent visiting research analyst in SARAVYC since 2019.