Vancouver Technical High School Wellness Initiative


In collaboration with Vancouver Technical High School, SARAVYC researchers, led by Dr. Sheila Marshall, evaluated their School Wellness Initiative. A Steering committee (called WIN) was created by the school and guides the project. WIN, the administration, students, teachers, and counselors were consulted about what wellness means for their school. A survey was constructed from consultations and administered as a baseline estimate of well-being in 2014. The baseline survey information has informed what the school community wants to target to improve wellness. Each year, during the 5-year initiative, SARAVYC surveyed school students to measure changes and visited classrooms to report initial findings to the students. In between yearly survey administration, the research team carried out observations of the school community and efforts to implement wellness initiatives.


The project has received media attention:

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How a B.C. school is trying to help students under stress


Dr. Sheila Marshall charges the tablets that will be used to digitally administer the survey to Van Tech students


Principal Investigator: Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc

Co-Investigators: B. Austin, Dr. Dominic Beaulieu-Prevost, Dr. Line Chamberland, D. DePape, Dr. Marla Eisenberg, Dr. Gilbert Emond, Dr. Jacqueline Gahagan, Dr. Andre Grace, Dr. Sheila Marshall, Warren O’Briain, Ciro Panessa, Dr. Tracey Peter, Dr. Carolyn Porta, Dr. Hilario Rose, Dr. Stephen Russell, Annie Smith, Stephen Smith, Dr. Catherine Taylor, Dr. Robb Travers, Dr. Kenneth Tupper, and Dr. Kris Wells

Funding by CIHR (Open Operating Grants) under the grant “Reducing stigma, promoting resilience: Population health interventions for LGBTQ youth”, 2012-2017