We’re Recruiting for Several Opportunities

It’s an exciting time for our team right now and we have several opportunities to get involved with our research.
Click the links and apply today!

Job Opportunities

Undergraduate/Graduate Academic Assistant: Indigenous Two Spirit Portfolio

We’re looking for a part time, up to 15 hours a week, research assistant for 6 months with the possibility of extension to assist in survey analysis. The candidate will assist in data analysis of a large population-based survey and the creation of data summaries pertaining to the health outcomes of Indigenous LGBTQ/2S+ youth. In addition, the candidate will be involved with supporting knowledge translation work related to the Indigenous Two Spirit project. Learn more and apply here.

Volunteer Opportunities

Two Spirit Ally Support Team

The Two Spirit Ally Support Team (AST) is a group of volunteers who are available to educate and call in any negative, hateful, or problematic comments Indigiqueer youth may experience while participating in our upcoming #Witness2S campaign. When people notice or experience such behaviours, they tag us or send us a message and one of our volunteers responds to mitigate the issue. As a volunteer on the AST, you will be responsible for monitoring the Facebook group and responding to situations as they arise during your shift. Learn more and apply here.

Two Spirit Peer Support Mentor

Our Peer Support Network is seeking volunteer mentors to help maintain a safe environment in our Slack workspace. The network was created to provide a place where Indigiqueer youth can gather for additional support while they participate in our upcoming #Witness2S campaign. As a volunteer mentor, you will be responsible for monitoring the Slack workspace and participating in the channels to help generate an engaging and safe space for members. Learn more and apply here.

Study Recruitment

Advisory Committee/Qualitative Interviews for Parents of LGBQ/2S+ Youth

We want to learn about the coming out experiences of youth in Canada, and that includes hearing from parents. We are recruiting for three advisory committees/qualitative interview opportunities: one for South Asian parents, one for East Asian parents, and one for parents in general. Are you born in Canada or currently living in Canada for at least one year and the parent of a youth who is Two Spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, or queer; age 15 to 25 (up to 30 for South Asian youth); and has lived in Canada for at least one year? Then we’d like to hear from you. Learn more and apply here.

Survey of Canadian Youth/Enquête sur les jeunes personnes canadiennes

The University of British Columbia is leading a survey called “Asking about sex, gender, and youth health: A pilot study.” Are you between the ages of 13 – 18? Do you live in Canada? We want to hear from you! This survey asks about your health behaviours. Take the survey at https://saravyc.ubc.ca/SexGenderSurvey. Make sure your voice is heard! To help protect yours and others’ anonymity, please do not tag, like, publicly name, respond directly, or comment on this post. Sharing this poster does not imply participation. The Principle Investigator for this study is Dr. Elizabeth Saewyc, elizabeth.saewyc@ubc.ca.