We’ve collected numerous links to prevention, government, education and supportive programs for youth across Canada and North America. We also have links to resources for LGBTQ youth and allies.

Resources for Youth Across BC and Canada

These include government, educational as well as local programs and organizations supporting Youth.

Resources for LGBTQ Youth and their Allies

LGBTQ-friendly Crisis Lines includes both phone and online peer support and counselling services for crisis and emergency situations.

Services for LGBTQ youth includes drop-in groups, registered groups, groups and services for allies, and general LGBTQ services.

Medical Professionals for Trans* & Gender-Variant Youth includes registered counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, gender specialists, surgeons, and other medically-associated services.

Within each category, resources are listed by Canadian province or territory.

Ressources pour les francophones

Pour les lesbiennes, gais, bisexuel(le)s, transgenres, transsexuel(le)s, bispirituel(le)s, intersexués et en questionnement ressources francophones, cliquez ici.

Resources for Health Care Providers

Rainbow Health Ontario has a guide to providing health care to members of the transgender community.






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