Associate Professor, Concordia University

Gilbert Emond, Ph.D. (communications) is Associate Professor in Applied Human Sciences at Concordia University since 2005. He works on several projects around the themes of homophobia concerning gay men and their intersectionality condition, and in HIV prevention. Gilbert is an interdisciplinary scientist as his first degrees are in mathematics (B.Sc., M.Sc.) and business administration (D.A.). He teaches Sexuality in human relations and Human systems intervention. His works as statistician and scientist have been built around giving voice to vulnerable populations. His recent works with grass roots organisations clarified the importance to address homophobic insults in order to limit and keep control on homophobic hate acts in small milieus as high schools. He has been a significant actor in the creation of important research projects like the Omega Cohort (first implementation coordinator) and SPOT (co-applicant), two researches on HIV prevention in gay men and MSM (men having sex with men) contexts. His most recent researches deal with intersectional impacts of psychosocial conditions on gay men and their vulnerability to HIV.

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