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Moynihan M*, Saewyc E, Whitehouse S, Paone M, McPherson G. (2015). Assessing readiness for transition from paediatric to adult health care: Revision and psychometric evaluation of the “Am I ON TRAC for Adult Care”. Journal of Advanced Nursing. 71(6): 1324-1355.

Aim To refine and psychometrically test the Am I ON TRAC for Adult Care questionnaire. Background Inadequate transition to adult care for adolescents with special healthcare needs has been associated with greater risk of treatment non-adherence, lack of medical follow-up, increased morbidity and mortality. Presently, there are no well-validated measures assessing adolescents’ readiness to transition […]

Moynihan M, Saewyc E, Whitehouse S, Paone M, McPherson G. (2013). Evaluation of the Transition Readiness Assessment Questionnaire (TRAQ) in a younger adolescent population.

Poster presented at the 45th annual meeting of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, held March 13-16, Atlanta, Georgia.

Moynihan M., Saewyc E., Whitehouse S., Paone M., McPherson G. (2013). Am I On TRAC for Adult Care: Assessing adolescents’ readiness to transition.

Poster presented at the 10th annual International Association for Adolescent Health meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, June 11-13.

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