Margaret Rosario

Doull M, Wolowic J, Saewyc E, Rosario M, Prescot T, Ybarra M. (2017) Why girls choose not to use barriers to prevent STI transmission during female-to-female sex. Journal of Adolescent Health.

Abstract Purpose Using data from a national qualitative study of lesbian, bisexual, and other sexual minority adolescent girls in the U.S., this study examined their awareness of the risk of sexually transmitted infection (STI) and opportunities for barrier use. Methods Online asynchronous focus groups were conducted with lesbian and bisexual (LB) girls ages 14–18 years. […]

Ybarra M, Rosario M, Saewyc E, Goodenow C. (2016). Sexual behaviors and partner characteristics among lesbian, bisexual, and other sexual minority adolescent women compared to their heterosexual peers. Journal of Adolescent Health. 58(3): 310-16.

Purpose Data suggest that lesbian and bisexual adolescents engage in risky sexual behaviors at higher rates than heterosexual girls. Whether these findings also apply to girls of other sexual identities is less well understood. Potential differences in risky sexual behaviors reported by lesbian versus bisexual adolescents are also underreported in the literature. Methods Data were […]

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