Dr. Yuko Homma

Mitchell K*, Roberts A, Gilbert M, Homma Y*, Warf C, Daly K*, Saewyc, E. (2015). Improving the accuracy of Chlamydia trachomatis incidence rate estimates among adolescents in Canada. Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality. 24(1): 12-18.

In this study, the authors assessed the impact of adjusting for sexual activity on population-based chlamydia incidence and screening rates among adolescents in the province of British Columbia (BC), Canada. They estimated the proportion of adolescent males (15 years-18 years) and females (14 years-18 years) who had ever had sexual intercourse using data from a […]

Homma Y*, Wong S, Zumbo B, Saewyc E.(2015). Ethnic identity and sexual initiation among East Asian youth in Canada.Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health. 17(5): 1580-1584.

Despite the large number of East Asian youth in Canada, little is known about their health and risk behaviors. We examined the relationship between ethnic identity and sexual initiation among East Asians. This secondary analysis of a population-based survey selected 4,311 students in 7-12th grades who described themselves as East Asian (e.g., Chinese, Japanese, Korean). […]

Saewyc E., Homma Y., Hitchcock C., Prior J. (2012). Sexual orientation, stigma, and menarche among adolescent girls in Canada.

Poster presented at the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine conference, March 14-17 in New Orleans.

Homma Y, & Saewyc E. (2008). Acculturation and sexual behavior among East Asian adolescents in British Columbia, Canada. [abstract]. Journal of Adolescent Health, Volume 42, Issue 2 Supplement, page S45.

Purpose: Culture is believed to shape people’s values and beliefs, which influence their behavior; thus, acculturation may help to explain health behavior among ethnic-minority youth. To develop culturally-relevant sexual health education programs, we need to assess how culture influences adolescent sexual behavior. The purpose was to examine associations between levels of acculturation and prevalence of […]

Saewyc E., Poon C., Wang N., Homma Y., Smith A., & the McCreary Centre Society. (2007). Not Yet Equal: The Health of Lesbian, Gay, & Bisexual Youth in BC. Vancouver, BC: McCreary Centre Society.

Not Yet Equal: The Health of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth in BC takes a closer look at the health of LGB youth, their life experiences, and risk behaviours across all three Adolescent Health Surveys. This report reveals both hopeful and worrying trends, fewer than expected differences between rural and urban LGB youth, and ongoing […]

Meininger E, Saewyc E, Skay C, Clark T, Poon C, Robinson E, Pettingell S, & Homma Y. (2007). Enacted stigma and HIV risk behaviors in sexual minority youth of European heritage across three countries. [abstract]. Journal of Adolescent Health, Volume 40, Issue 2 Supplement, page S27.

Purpose: Lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) adolescents are stigmatized at home, at school, and in communities. They can be targeted for exclusion, discrimination, harassment, bullying, or physical assault (enacted stigma). LGB teens also have higher rates of HIV risk behaviors than heterosexual (HET) peers. Does experiencing enacted stigma help explain higher HIV risk? Methods: International […]

Homma Y, & Saewyc EM. (2007). The emotional well-being of Asian-American sexual minority youth in school. Journal of LGBT Health Research, 3(1), 67-78.

This study examined family and school correlates of emotional distress among Asian-American sexual minority youth in the Midwestern United States. Responses from 91 predominantly Hmong Asian-American youth who participated in a state-wide, school-based census survey and reported recent same-gender sexual activity were analyzed. Results showed that sexual minority youth who perceived lower levels of family […]

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