Dr. John Oliffe

Creighton G*, MacMillan E*, Oliffe J, Saewyc E. (2015). Living for the moment: Men consider risk practices following the death of a friend.Sociology of Health and Illness. 37(3): 355-369.

The primary cause of death for men under the age of 30 is unintentional injury and, despite health-promotion efforts and programme interventions, male injury and death rates have not decreased in recent years. Drawing on 22 interviews from a study of men, risk and grief, we describe how a risk-related tragedy shaped the participants’ understandings […]

Creighton G*, Matthews J, Oliffe J, Saewyc E. (2016). “Dulling the edges”: Young men’s use of alcohol to deal with grief following the death of a male friend. Health Education & Behavior. 43(1): 54-60.

The death of a male friend can be challenging for men because expressions of grief can be governed and restrained by dominant ideals of masculinity. It is common for young men to engage in health risk practices, such as alcohol overuse, to deal with feelings of sadness. This qualitative study investigated the ways that young […]

Rivers R, Saewyc E, MacKay L, Roelefson D, Matthews J, Creighton G, Oliffe J. (2013). Masculinities and marginalized young men’s patterns of accessing health services.

Poster presented at the 45th annual meeting of the Society for Adolescent Health and Medicine, March 13-16, Atlanta, Georgia.

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