C. Hoogeveen

Tsuruda S., Hoogeveen C., Smith A., Poon C., Saewyc E., & the McCreary Centre Society (2012). Raven’s Children III: Aboriginal youth health in BC. Vancouver, BC: McCreary Centre Society.

McCreary’s review of the health of Aboriginal youth in BC. The report was overseen by an advisory committee of experts in Aboriginal youth health, and includes data from over 3,000 Aboriginal youth as well as input from more than 100 Aboriginal youth and adults across the province who reviewed the findings. Using data from the […]

Smith A., Stewart D., Poon C., Hoogeveen C, Saewyc E. (2012). Promoting positive mental health: risk and protective factors for youth who experienced physical and sexual abuse [abstract]. Chronic Diseases and Injuries in Canada, Volume 32, Suppl 1.

Background: Sexual abuse and physical abuse are risk factors for a trajectory of poor mental health. Purpose: To identify specific risk and protective factors associated with mental health for male and female youth who have experienced physical and sexual abuse. Study/Intervention Design: A mixed methods study using data from the 2008 BC‡ Adolescent Health Survey […]

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