Beth Clark

Clark BA, Veale JF, Townsend M, Frohard-Dourlent H, and Saewyc E. Non-binary youth: Access to gender-affirming primary health care. International Journal of Transgenderism, 2018

Abstract Background: Transgender (trans) youth who identify outside the gender binary are a growing subpopulation. In this article, we document differences in access to gender-affirming health care between binary and non-binary identified trans youth and explore ways of meeting the health needs of non-binary youth within primary care settings. Methods: The Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey is […]

Beth A Clark, Jaimie F Veale, Devon Greyson, Elizabeth Saewyc. Primary care access and foregone care: a survey of transgender adolescents and young adults. Family Practice (2017)

Transgender adolescents and young adults are at increased risk for many negative health outcomes, including depression, anxiety and suicide. Research has documented that transgender adults and cisgender (non-transgender) adolescents may experience barriers to health care, and that foregone care is associated with poorer physical and mental health outcomes. Barriers to medical care experienced by transgender […]

Frohard-Dourlent, H, Dobson S, Clark B, Doull M, Saewyc E. “I would have preferred more options”: accounting for non-binary youth in health research. Nursing Inquiry. 24 (2017): 1-9.

As a research team focused on vulnerable youth, we increasingly need to find ways to acknowledge non-binary genders in health research. Youth have become more vocal about expanding notions of gender beyond traditional categories of boy/man and girl/woman. Integrating non-binary identities into established research processes is a complex undertaking in a culture that often assumes […]

Veale J, Saewyc E, Frohard-Dourlent H, Dobson S, Clark B & the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey Research Group (2015). Being Safe, Being Me: Results of the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey. Vancouver, BC: Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia

Read in English Read in French A new national study by SARAVYC shows that while Canada’s transgender youth face significant physical and mental health issues, strong family, school and community connections are helping many of them navigate these challenges. The study, funded by the Canadian Institute for Health Research and completed in collaboration with universities […]

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