Community Facilitator and Knowledge Translation Contractor

The University of British Columbia’s School of Nursing (Vancouver, Canada) is seeking to contract a Community Organizer and Knowledge Translator for our upcoming research project on South Asian LGBTQ2S youth in British Columbia. The Stigma and Resilience among Vulnerable Youth Centre (SARAVYC) is a team of researchers and community partners advancing research to improve the […]

Minnesota Runaway Intervention Project (RIP 10 Questions)

  The Minnesota Runaway Intervention Project (RIP) provided health care, intensive support and life skill development for young runaway girls (aged 10 to 15) who had been or were at risk of being sexually assaulted or exploited. The aim of the program was to help girls heal from trauma and rebuild self-esteem and connectedness to […]

SARAVYC Welcomes 3 New Postdocs!

In May 2018 Andrea Polonijo, Maggie MacCaulay and Ashley Taylor joined us as Postdoctoral Researchers.

Qualitative Study of Gender Affirming Surgery Experiences

  The Qualitative Study of Gender-Affirming Surgery Experiences in BC is the result of a collaboration between the Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre (SARAVYC) at the University of British Columbia, and Trans Care BC, a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority. Trans Care BC’s role is to enhance the coordination and availability […]

Layers of Stigma Among Adolescents: Developing a Comprehensive Measure

  Most stigma measures are for a single characteristic, such as mental illness, or HIV/AIDS. This approach does not allow us to capture “layered” stigma (i.e., the compound effects of stigma from multiple stigmatized characteristics). We developed a general stigmatization measure that included items that tap three dimensions of stigma: enacted stigma (rejecting hostile behaviours targeted toward […]

Discourse Analysis of Sexual Exploitation in Canadian News

  Using a mixed methods approach, we critically explored the discourse used in printed news media to describe the sexual exploitation of youth. Our data set included approximately 1300 articles from various newspapers across Canada, 1988 – 2013 that discussed specific events, issues, research findings, and policy or legal changes related to the sexual exploitation […]