Phillips, J.C., & Saewyc, E.M. (2009). Chapter 11: HIV disease and gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons. In J. Durham & F.R. Lashley (eds.), The Person with HIV/AIDS: Nursing Perspectives, (4th ed.), New York, NY: Springer Publishing. ISBN13# 9780826121370. Pp 365-404.

HIV/AIDS is no longer a certain death sentence. Patients fighting the chronic symptoms of HIV/AIDS are now living longer, fuller lives due to recent scientific and pharmaceutical breakthroughs. As a result, the new generation of caregivers must keep pace with cutting-edge, evidence-based practices to better serve patients who may live with HIV/AIDS for several decades.

This updated edition is a vital resource for nurses and other health care professionals providing care to HIV-positive persons in the 21st century. The contributors present essential information on the medical assessment and management of symptoms, the prevention of infection, ethical and legal dimensions of care, and much more. With a greater emphasis on the international dimensions of the HIV pandemic and the treatment of minority populations, this book serves as an essential guide for nurses and health care practitioners serving patients with HIV/AIDS.

ISBN13: 9780826121370

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