Brunanski D, Bingham B, Smith A, & Saewyc E. (2008). Mental health issues among Aboriginal street-involved youth in Western Canada. [abstract] International Journal of Psychology, Volume 43, Issue 3-4, 230.

This study explored health issues of younger Aboriginal street-involved youth (< 19 years) from nine communities of a Western Canadian province. A participatory research population-based survey (N = 762) found disproportionate Aboriginal representation (54%) vs. census data (~9%). Despite high levels of risk exposures, Aboriginal youth reported connectedness to family and school, and hope for the future. Mental health problems, including suicidality, self-harm, and problem substance use were common, yet few youth accessed mental health services. Analysis within community discussions emphasized societal factors, including the legacy of colonization, cultural dislocation, diversity of Aboriginal cultures, and the importance of culturally-relevant interventions.

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